Ideas for Teaching Poetry

  1. Poetry Pizzazz article published in LibrarySparks Magazine, April 2007 shows many ways to make poetry come alive in your classroom through immersion into the sound of words.  Ten activities awaken children to the beauty of our language.

 Ideas for Using Creative Dramatics

  1. Acting Out: Creative Drama (LibrarySparks Magazine, March 2008)  

Ideas for Integrating Storytelling

  1. Storytelling Magic  (LibrarySparks Web Resources, March 2009)

You are welcome to use and adapt these documents to meet the needs of your library.

     Analysis and Need Assessment.pdf

     Book Checkout Schedule.pdf  (color coded for 4-track schools)

    Material Request Form.pdf

     Small Group Media Pass.pdf    

    Staff Checkout Form .pdf   

    Tips for Reading Aloud To Students.pdf 

Jump Start Your Library Levels A, B, & C provide blackline masters for hands-on materials that teach students about the Dewey Decimal System.  (UpStart Books, 2008.)

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What Do You See?

This book can be read on several different levels. The repetitive language engages beginning readers and encourages the skills of predicting and visualizing.  But older students, and even adults, find the higher level thinking skills fun and challenging.

Click here for lesson ideas.

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Arts Integration Lessons

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