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What Do You See?

Each creative spread in What Do You See is preceded by a question that encourages creative thinking. From here, the sky is the limit as circles, dots, squares and more become tree swings and an old wooden fence just about to fall down. This title is perfect for curious children, who are eager to visualize and create, and view the world in a whole new way.

The Jump-Start Your Library series provides quality, hands-on activities that teach about library layout and organization.  Materials you make from the easy patterns and templates stress active involvement and engage student learning.

Stinky Feet

Poor Skunk’s feet stink.  In fact, that’s how he got his name when he was just a baby.  His mother breathes through her mouth, his father dons a nose muff, and his sister wears a snorkel and facemask.  Join Skunk as he searches for ways to sweeten his feet and watch as he ends up in a pickle.

Available 2014.

Stinky Feet



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