Favorite Activities





Throwing pots Writing

Lunching with friends Chatting online

Watching movies

Going to bed late Ironing

Sitting at the ocean Watching sunsets

Favorite Books

Half Magic

A Winter’s Tale Touch Magic

Five Smooth Stones Stranger in a 

     Strange Land

Don Quixote

Favorite Authors

Mark Helprin

Edgar Eager

Phillipa Gregory

Gabrial Garcia Marquez

Jane Yolen

Eve Bunting

Byrd Baylor

Lloyd Alexander

Favorite Food

Gooey cookies

Favorite Places

Carmel, CA

Bewdly, England Barcelona, Spain Santa Fe, NM Colorado mountains

Contact Info
Name  Judith Snyder
Email: jsnyder444@comcast.netmailto:jsnyder444@comcast.netmailto:jsnyder444@comcast.net?subject=Message%20from%20websiteshapeimage_4_link_0

I’m a hard working, lying, mud-slinging pyromaniac.

Yes, storytellers and writers do tend to stretch the truth...And potters do play with mud and fire.  Both are bunches of fun.  Both are lots of work.

My Storytelling Corner

I have been telling stories professionally since 1989.  My repertoire includes multicultural folktales such as: Bear’s Tale, The Mitten, Esteban and the Ghost, Anansi and the Box of Stories, Rattlesnake Kate, Anansi Rides Tiger, Tug of War,  Iktome and the Rock, Coyote and the Stars, Hedgehog and Rabbit.  And many more...


My Pottery Corner

I love to make bowls, but I also create animal totem poles for the garden.  Much of my work is high-fired in a gas kiln.  I also raku and sagar fire pots to vary my decorative pieces.

Read Judith’s interview on the Just Kidding Blog

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